Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

 A One Day of Systemic Constellation work

 Family & Systems Constellation work –, an effective therapeutic process that helps to break destructive family patterns of unhappiness, illness, failure and addiction. The results are often immediate and life-changing.

Systemic Constellation work is both a psychological and spiritual process, a powerful tool which initiates healing at a soul level and allows us to experience the fullness of our human potential.

Constellation Work addresses a variety of issues including:

  • Unexplained sadness, grief, anger, and shame
  • Addictions and other destructive behaviors
  • Relationship Issues (with parents, siblings, partners, or children)
  • Depression and unhappiness
  • Business failures and money problems
  • Illnesses and chronic health problems
  • Adoption issues
  • Loss of direction and purpose
  • Repeating “accidents”

“Over the years, Dr. Hoffman has observed that one of the most significant factors in disease causation is a traumatic event in one’s family history. Unresolved traumas can affect family members for multiple generations. Family Constellation Therapy can uncover the unconscious bonds and loyalties that underlie many physical and emotional symptoms.”

In Grande Prairie: Sat. Oct 31st one day 9:30 to 5:00 PM Cost $185.00 + GST if preregistered by March 20th $225.00 after this date. Location: Havenly Lighthouse and Sanctuary 10032B  – 103rd Ave. Grande Prairie ,Registration Blanche Tanner 250-227 -6877 or e-mail

There will be an evening talk and demonstration about Constellation work in Grande Prairie on Thurs. evening  Oct. 1st, at Havenly Lighthouse and Sanctuary 10032B  – 103rd Ave. Grande Prairie

 All My Relationships

A One Day workshop at the Gray Creek Hall Sept 20th

Do you have issues or concerns with your Mom, Dad, Partner, Husband, Wife, Children, Friends, Co-workers, or Authority Figures? 

Whether you’re single or in relationship, this workshop is designed to get to the heart of what prevents you from having the closeness you desire. Come and experience Family Constellation, a three-dimensional learning process designed to reveal hidden dynamics and unconscious family loyalties that limit your ability to have successful relationships.

Family Constellations allow you to break destructive patterns so you can live a more fulfilled life. The results can be life changing.

Location: Gray Creek Hall, Gray Creek B.C.

Time: 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Cost: $50:00 plus GST If money is an issue, please come and pay what you can To Register or for more information, 250-227687 e-mail

 Atlas Profilax with Harreson Tanner, RMT,Certified Atlasprof Practitioner, Medical Qi Gong Practitioner/Teacher

Harreson will also be offering appointments for the Atlas Profilax Procedure at the following locations:

  • Calgary: Sept. 22nd to Sept. 26th and Oct. 16th and 17th. Suite 401, 1640 16th Ave. NW.
  • Grande Prairie: Sept. 29th to Oct. 3rd, and Oct. 27th to 30th. Location to be Announced.
  • Edmonton: Oct. 7th to 10th and Oct. 20th to Oct. 24th.  Healing Connections Wellness Center, 10548 – 115th Street

The correct positioning of the Atlas (the 1st vertebrae of the cervical spine) is critical to proper alignment for the whole skeletal system, optimal function of the nervous system, hormonal system, digestive system and cardio-vascular system. Harreson is excited to be able to provide this new method to clients because the Atlasprofilax procedure can have profound and far reaching effects on everyone’s health and well-being. You can find more information about the Atlasprofilax method at

Appointments for the Atlasprofilax procedure are one hour. The fee is $300.00 for adults and $220.00 for children under the age of 16 (GST is included). Please note this fee includes a follow up session.

For physical therapy, energy healing or emotional clearing sessions the cost for clients he has seen before is $60.00 for 1/2 hr. or $90.00 for 45 minutes. For new clients who would like physical therapy, energy healing or emotional clearing the initial fee is $90.00 (45 minutes). Longer sessions are available on request also.

Physical therapy, Emotional clearing work and follow-ups for those who haven’t already had a follow-up since their Atlas correction You can book appointments directly through Harreson either by email: or call (250) 505-6166.


I can say that it has been one of the strongest recommendations that I can give for all of the benefits that it was for me. I have full mobility of my neck and have done over a dozen hours of yoga in the past few weeks that there is no way that I could have achieved without this treatment! I also skied 19 km last week which there is no way that I would have been able to do without this treatment.

 After my October 2010 car accident, injuries to my upper cervical spine left me barely moving and in a dangerous and precarious position. I wore a neck brace for more than a year. I also had paralysis to the left side of my face, which is completely gone after ONE Atlasprofilax treatment. I no longer have the (joker) face of a stroke victim. The TMJ to the left side of my jaw is completely gone after ONE treatment. The ‘dead’ feeling muscles which control the moment of my left eye are fully functional again after ONE treatment. It is the best $300 I have ever spent in my life. I am extraordinarily grateful to have my ‘life’ back from this treatment.”

 Regards,Lara ,Edmonton Alberta

“As the session was finished I experienced an “opening” which increased as I was driving home, my throat was expanded and energized, and I felt a flow of energy surging through my body, lightness and pain free. Since then I can describe best what I feel as “Awake”, a lightness of Spirit and also lightness in my body. I feel this is very high level work, transformational. I have much gratitude. Thank You “.
L N, Edmonton Alberta

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