Video Equipment Rental Agreement

The tenant may not make any modification, addition or improvement to the equipment without the written consent of the tenant. 2. CONDITIONS/RENT/PAYMENT. This is a rental of the equipment and equipment (set referred to as equipment) described in the attached form, and not a sale, conditional or otherwise. Rentee confirms that he has examined the equipment and that it is in good condition. The tenant guarantees that all devices are operational when they leave his premises and that the tenant can not be held responsible for the proper functioning of the devices by annuities. If, for any reason, the renter does not return the equipment until the return date indicated on the back, the renter is responsible for the daily cost of the equipment until the return or, if lost, replaced. A simple equipment rental agreement or a simple PDF lease agreement is the best way to achieve this goal. You can find a simple template for the equipment rental agreement for a Word document online. However, you may find that they don`t have the functionality you need. 8. The owner does not assume any warranty regarding the leased equipment, except that the owner replaces the equipment with identical or similar devices if the devices do not operate in accordance with the manufacturer`s specifications and operating instructions.

Replacement is carried out as soon as possible after the tenant has made the devices non-compliant. 5. Rented appliances or parts thereof which have not been used shall not be taken into account. . . . .

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