Usfs Volunteer Agreement

an employment risk analysis (JHA, form FS 6700-7; Appendix D), adapted to the specific position or project and location of your volunteers, should be prepared for all office and foreign service positions, projects and activities. This document describes the tasks, the risks associated with each task, the mitigation measures taken and the emergency evacuation plan. Finally, you could ask volunteers to provide the following information for the agreement: in the agreement, you must make it clear to your volunteers that the forest service expects all its representatives to respect civic principles of personal behavior and to have a high degree of personal integrity. They must also be aware that acceptable behaviour involves not only sincere respect for the rights and feelings of others, but also the certainty that their personal behaviour avoids any act that could be harmful or discriminatory to other volunteers, collaborators or forest services – or that could provoke an adverse reaction from the public. The responsibility of the volunteer is to perform and perform the service in accordance with the volunteering agreement and to maintain a high level of ethics and behavior. The volunteer or the forestry service may terminate the contract for any reason and at any time after notification of the other party. The following is a list of prohibited activities to be included in the agreement. The more details you insert into the volunteer contract, the better. One of the most important points of the volunteering agreement is the essential specifications/admission criteria. Remember to include the position or location of the project, a description of the service, and the skills required for the tasks.

Do not use personnel management terminology that would be used for an employee job description. They do not want to blur the distinction between federal employees and volunteers; Maintain this distinction both on paper and in practice (FSM 1933.11). Once you have decided to work with volunteers, you must complete and sign a volunteer contract, either Form FS-1800-7 for individual volunteers (Appendix D), Form FS-1800-8 for sponsored or group volunteer services (Appendix D), or Form FS-1800-6 for international volunteers (Appendix D). Individual voluntary agreement is used for individuals who wish to donate their time and talent to the forest service and who are not related to an organized group (Figure 26). The volunteering agreement may be amended at any time with the written consent of each party. The existing agreement can be terminated, a new agreement can be developed or a signed and dated amendment can be annexed to the existing agreement. Any minor changes to the agreement may be made to the original document and initialled by the volunteer and the forestry officer. In the volunteering agreement, indicate when the volunteer is on duty and out of service (Figure 28). . .


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