LifeShift Intensive Program

“From the depth of my heart I thank you for all your teachings and support on my way through a very dark and difficult part of my life.I honour your commitment to this work, I honour all your sharing about your life’s and relationship. I am happy about all the love you spread out into this world”

Susanne Fuchs, Physiotherapist Breath Practitioner, Germany

“With heartfelt gratitude for all the powerful tools for conscious living and for growth and healing that you taught me at the life Shift Intensive. It was a beautiful and inspiring week…I know what has begun there will continue unfolding in my life for time to come!!I have been blessed!!”

Jan Rebus, Counsellor, Castlegar B.C.

“Thank you both for your earnest commitment to guiding and supporting me to find and hold the deepest truth of who I am.”

Terry Peterson, Speech Pathologist, Kelowna, B.C.

“This was my second time attending the Life Shift program. I was very drawn to return based on the significant progress I made in my life after the first one. This time my experiences were even deeper and more significant. My heart was opened once again and I felt reconnected to the beauty of life and Spirit within and around me. I released a lot of tension, stress and stiffness from my body that was blocking my feelings and expression of my true nature. My body is more limber and pain free than it’s been in years. Even with the plentiful, delicious meals, I also dropped a few pounds. The amazing power of breath to cleanse and strengthen and the many other Life-supporting processes we practiced as part of the Life Shift made for a rich and rejuvenating ten days. The guidance and support from Blanche and Harreson was perfect in every way, allowing each participant to do their work in a safe and totally nurturing environment. The group dynamic and connection was profound. This program is one that can benefit anyone who wants to reclaim their vitality and personal power, and who wants to live life to the fullest in freedom, love, integrity, truth and happiness.”

Lynn Taylor, Restitution Project Coordinator, Yellowknife NT

“Both Life Shifts I have participated in have been among the most profound experiences of my life. You have developed a program that is without equal.. The agenda, the processes, the pacing, the scheduling and leadership and support are outstanding.”

Leslie Hamblin-Cobb, Riondel, B.C.

“If you have any turmoil in your life and want to identify it, and then come to terms with it, this is the place for you.”

Dick Burgman, Blairmore, AB

“One of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. A dark cloud of anxiety was lifted and I saw, once again, that life was full of possibilities.”

Peter Hamblin-Cobb, Business Consultant, Riondel B.C.


Family Constellation

“The constellation process was amazing in how it revealed insights to all sorts of situations. My constellations allowed me to see with my own eyes the obstacles that have been holding me back and now set me free if I choose!”

Carey McKiel, Yellowknife. Northern Territories, Canada

“Very Powerful work.”

Lone Sorenson, Yellowknife, NT

“I am trying to not analyse/anal-ise my experience with Family Constellations-it is too profound to speak or write about.”

Derek Faria, Yellowknife, NT

“The Constellation work was amazing in how it portrayed and revealed insights to all sorts of situations. My own constellations were very clear in their intention and allowed me to see with my own eyes the obstacles that have been holding me back and will now set me free if i choose to”

Carey McKiel, Yellowknife, NT

“I was amazed at everything that came out during the sessions was confirmed as being ‘RIGHT’ by the ‘clients’.”

Dick Burgman, Blairmore, Alberta

“I am Anita (Baars), the Dutch girl that participated in your workshop in Oct 2008. I must thank you so deeply for the work at the constellation day. It felt so special to be part of the circle, such intense stories and events. Super powerful and magical. I loved it. On top of that, I traveled to the Netherlands right after the workshop and had a fantastic time. My family members did not fight at all with me nor each other and we even had a family goodbye dinner on my last night, and just had fun. No disputes, just smiles. I do not recollect that atmosphere in my family ever before! So thank you for your wisdom and I urge everyone to go out in Europe and study this constellation therapy. It had immediately worked for me, and I feel very good about it. My brother might even go to see a counselor in Amsterdam!

In hope our path will cross again soon!”

Love Anita, Nelson B.C.

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