LifeShift Intensive Program

The LifeShift Program is a 7 day, dynamic, expansive, and visionary program. The focus is on resolution of long standing personal issues and challenges, supplemented with modalities and practices to enhance and expand an individual’s health and wellness, self-esteem and confidence.

During the LifeShift Program we facilitate Family Constellations, Conscious Breathing exercises, teach and practice Meditation, beginner’s Yoga, Qi Gong and hold “sacred circles”.

Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing, or Breathwork, is the art and science of breath awareness and breathing techniques for enhancing the human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition. The benefits of Conscious Breathing are well documented and extensive, particularly when researching the ancient Yoga teachings of India or Qi gong and the martial arts disciplines of China.

Family and Human Systems Constellations

The word “constellation” refers simply to the natural way human relationships constellate into various patterns. Constellations are an approach that allows individuals, organizations and communities to heal themselves at a deeper level through seeing and acknowledging what is.

Constellations address sources of difficulties in human systems by looking at actual relationships that family members – or other elements of a system – have with each other.


Meditation is an important tool that has the ability to bring a new perspective to life’s challenges, where you become more of a witness to the inner workings of your mind and emotions.

During the LifeShift Program there are two meditation practices that are taught. One is utilizing the intimate and immediate length of one`s breath as a focal point. The other practice is known as a mantra.

The development of a meditation practice is supported and encouraged through daily practice during the full course of the LifeShift Program.

Sacred Circles

Every day during the LifeShift Program there will be circles where participants can explore and share their life process with other participants in the program in a safe, respectful and empowering environment.

In a sacred circle everyone has the opportunity to see and experience the student and teacher within themselves and everyone else. When you enter a sacred circle it calls forward a depth of honesty and humility that touches everyone in a way that is insightful, uplifting, expansive and humbling at the same time.


Yoga assists participants in bringing more awareness to the physical body. It helps relieve stress held in the body and the very nature of yoga brings more flexibility and fluidity to the body which in turn supports a sense of flexibility in the mind.

All yoga postures are done with the participants abilities in mind. Invariably most participants achieve a much greater degree of flexibility by the end of ten days. In fact, there have been many participants who have gone on to study yoga in greater depth and some go on to become yoga teachers.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice for, “energy cultivation”.

Harreson is a certified instructor of Pan GU Shengong Qi Gong as developed by Master Ou Wen Wei. Qi Gong was introduced to the LifeShift Program last year because of its ability to help people be more grounded, improve health and energy levels and to strengthen the immune system


To access the discounted fee of $1,050.00 you must be preregistered with a $300.00 non-refundable deposit one month before, after this date the cost is $1,250.00. Please note: tuition does not include room and lodging.

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