Family & Human Systems Constellations: The Process

The work is most often done in a group setting where an individual chooses to focus on a specific issue in his or her life.

After consulting with the facilitator, the client is asked to choose people from the group to represent certain family members who are then set up intuitively in what is called a “Constellation”.

All the representatives have to do is simply remain present to their experiences.

As they are placed, a “knowing field” is formed and the representatives begin to receive actual feelings of the person they are representing. It is not role-playing and there is no acting out.

The representatives may intuitively sense a need to move, or be drawn to look in a specific direction, or feel compelled to move to a different place than where they were initially placed (movements of the soul).

From the information obtained through this process, family members who may have been lost or excluded in some way in the past are brought into the space. Through simple yet powerful sentences and soul movements guided by the facilitator, we move towards resolution.

We become more able to enter strongly into our own lives and hold our rightful place in our current family. Balance is brought to our family of origin, our work and our community. We grow free of burdens which were never really our not our own, and are able to step into our future with strength and support from our ancestors.

Family Constellation’s can also be done privately in a one on one setting. In this process small figures are used to represent different family members that are guided by the information provided by the client and the skill of the facilitator. Coloured mats, shoes and even small stones have been used as representatives in a constellation.

Sieglinde Schneider, who has worked within the education system in Germany says, “The use of figurines as representatives in a constellation can reveal the hidden dynamics within a family system and produce a new image that supports resolution of deep and long standing difficulties just as effectively as doing constellation’s in a group setting”.

“You have to be the change you wish to see in the world”

– Mahatma Ghandi.

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