Family & Human Systems Constellations: Chronic Pain

Some individuals seem to be stuck in pain. Despite the expertise of accomplished providers, absence of injury, or visible causation, practitioners are consistently confronted with the mystery of intractable pain.

In Systems Constellations we see that the physical pain may at times actually have roots in some incident, trauma, or experience from generations ago. A constellation may reveal that physical pain (and at times emotional pain) reflects a sort family contract, which results from misunderstanding.

We have loyalty at the level of the soul to our parents, grandparents, and beyond. If we have experienced a sibling death as a child, for example, at the soul level we may make an agreement with that dead sibling to not enjoy life. And in some respect, we also agree to die ourselves.

In making that unspoken agreement, we forfeit healthy relationships, prosperity, comfort, and even joy. If someone in our family system experienced a disabling injury, we may “remember” that pain. There are a surprising number of similar situations/ traumas that mistakenly become a soul’s commitment to “stay” with the dead, the lost, or injured, compelling us to sacrifice any type of success or peace… requiring us to live in pain.

In this powerful phenomenological work, the specific underlying pain dynamic is identified, and interrupted via a “constellation”. This happens in a way that strengthens the individual client, and actually seems to bring a peace to the “family field” of trauma.

Somatic expression, or body sensations, is one of the most definitive ways in which the soul is able to have unhindered expression. It is common to see the body expressing a truth that an individual is not able to articulate. Many clients report that they are not stressed, and yet they may have neck pain, back pain, headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, constricted breathing, and bowel dysfunctions. The body speaks truthfully.

Systems Constellation Work is somewhat akin to acupuncture. The flow of love in a family, or the flow of health in a system is “blocked” by some fragment of family history, or some personal trauma. The specific place in which the energy is interrupted is identified by the facilitator.

Key individuals are identified and placed in a constellation. Then, with support from the facilitator (not unlike the subtle application of needles in acupuncture), the area is stimulated, and a movement begins in the system.

Some individuals have reported decrease in pain and improvements in their family system or personal relationships for months or even years after even just one constellation!

As with all healing, stepping into the field of possibility is not for the faint of heart. Someone who has defined themselves in terms of their pain or disability may need support beyond the constellation. There are, however, definite new possibilities for chronic/intractable pain in this profoundly transformative work.

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