Blanche Tanner

Blanche Tanner is of Celtic ancestry and comes from a long line of dreamers, midwives, and psychic intuitive s. She is the oldest of six children, a mother and grandmother.

At 18 she apprenticed as a gold smith and many years later owned and operated a jewellery manufacturing company in Vancouver, BC. Her destiny, however, was to follow a spiritual healing path.

In 1973 Blanche met her first spiritual teacher, “Lobsang Rampa,” who had written 15 books about his life in the monastery in Tibet. He introduced her to many metaphysical teachings.

The following year Blanche was initiated into a meditation practice called Knowledge with Prem Pal Rawat (Maharaji). She continued to live for many years in a spiritual community with others who also practiced Knowledge. As a student, practitioner and teacher of meditation for over 40 years, she teaches that the source of clarity , personal power and love lives within each one of us.

Blanche became involved with Breathwork in1983 after being deeply impressed by the power and understanding that this experience affords. Realizing quickly that this was the work she wanted to do in her life, she participated in a six month intensive with a group called “New World Network” in Vancouver, BC. As a direct result of that experience she went on to train as a Breath Practitioner with Marnie Darnel, a Certified Breath Practitioner and pipe carrier.

Blanche has now been utilizing Breathwork as part of her own personal journey, and as a healing modality with her clients, for over 25 years. Blanche and her husband Harreson have facilitated a 10 day Life Shift Intensive and a two-year Breath Practitioner Training course for the past 25 years. Blanche was the National Coordinator for the International Breathwork Foundation for four years.

Blanche has additionally studied Medicine Wheel and Shamanic teachings with Susan Martin, (Aboriginal Teacher, Pipe Carrier, Sweat lodge facilitator), Michael Harner’s Shamanic studies and Stuart Wilde’s Spiritual Warrior training. She has experienced many Sweat Lodge Ceremonies and participated in Vision Quests as part of her initiation into Indigenous Spiritual practices.

Blanche has also facilitated Women’s retreats for many years with ceremony around moon time teachings (menstrual cycles) and menopause. She has been blessed to co facilitate several women’s retreats with Aline Laflamme, pipe carrier, drum maker, sweat lodge leader, sun dancer and aboriginal teacher.

Blanche has been studying Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation work over the past several years and was trained by Francesca Mason-Boring , Franz Rupert, and many other amazing facilitators  She has studied Voice Dialogue with Hal and Sidra Stone and been a student of Master Ou’s and a practitioner of Pangu Shengong Qi Gong for eight years. Blanche has also studied Trauma release work with Judith Moser, trained with Peter Levine.

Blanche holds a deep respect and reverence for all the teachers and teachings that have enriched her connection to mother earth and all of her relations.

Presently, Blanche has a private practice in the beautiful Kootenays. Her sessions range from 2 to 2 1/2 hours. For more information or to book and an appointment call (250) 227-6877 , 250-505-6166 or e-mail



“Blanche has a wonderful healing capacity. With just a few words, she can give fresh insights to stale perceptions. Always looking for the best in others, she is committed to your highest good, an d will stand beside you as you approach your most difficult of life challenges. In times of crisis or simple learning processes she remains consistent in her intention to hold the highest of visions for her clients and friends.”

— Christopher Moon, Vision Mountain Leadership Training

“Blanche is a talented, wise and loving guide for all those who come to work with her.”

— Wai Yin Fung Retired Social Worker, Riondel, B.C

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