Workshops & Programs for Personal Growth, Life Enhancement and Spiritual Development


We have been providing dynamic, life changing, workshops, retreats and private sessions in Europe and Canada for personal growth, life enhancement and spiritual development since 1986. Our heart-centred work is rooted in the wealth of experience and training we have in family and human systems constellation work, conscious breathing, qi gong, physical therapy and over 35 years of meditation practice. We have also been blessed to participate in various indigenous spiritual ceremonies which we respectfully integrate into our work. Singularly or in combination all of these approaches can be profoundly healing and insightful for individuals, couples and organizations who wish to explore deep issues about life, work and family.

You are both very good at what you do and you clearly know your stuff. What’s more, you work wonderfully together. It is clear that you are dedicated to your work as healers, guiding people through the process and dedicated to deeply understanding the modalities you offer – Breath Work and Family Constellations. As a counseling Astrologer, I have long held both in high esteem.

For my part, my relationship with my mother and with the women in my life is clearer and deeper since the workshop. I have already and will continue to refer my clients to you because I know they will be treated with the highest respect and will realize the clearing and healing they are committed to realizing. Blessings to you both!”

Michael O’Connor
Astrologer/ Counselor/ Life Coach